An Interdisciplinary Workshop

12th March 2009

Humanities Research Institute
Douglas Knoop Centre
University of Sheffield


10.00: Registration

10.30: Welcome

10.35: Dr Sophie Oosterwijk (University of St Andrews): Heaven, hell or limbo? The Holy Innocents and the fate of unbaptised children

11.05: Prof. Roberta Gilchrist (University of Reading): At the boundaries of embodiment: infant burials and the medieval life course

11.35-11.50: Discussion

11.50: Tea/coffee

12.10: Carenza Lewis (University of Cambridge): Hide and seek: children’s play in the medieval village. This paper will be followed by a report by Dr Geoff Egan (The British Museum) on New findings of medieval toys from rural settlements

12.50: Discussion

1.05: Lunch (provided)

2.15: Dr Sally Crawford (University of Oxford):  Rejuvenating Anglo-Saxon archaeology: assessing the impact of child's play in settlement and burial archaeology

2.45: Dr Cecily Hennessy (Christie’s): Children and the Young at the Byzantine Court: Pawns or Protagonists?

3.15: Discussion

3.30: Tea/coffee

3.45: Dr Julia Hillner (University of Sheffield): Monks as Children: Monastic Discipline and Corporal Punishment in Late Antiquity

4.15: Prof. Nicholas Orme (University of Exeter): Experiencing Youth in East Anglia, c.1430

4.45: Discussion

5.00: Conference closes