Second Annual Conference
28th to 30th September 2008
Museum of Archaeology
Stavanger, Norway



Keynote Speaker:
Karin Sham Poo, Unicef

 Every human being ever born has experienced childhood, even if only fleetingly, and the number of children to have existed in the past far outnumbers that of adults. The experience of childhood encompasses some of the most universal aspects of human existence, and some of the most unique. However, although crucial to the understanding of any society, the evidence for children’s lives in the past is often insubstantial, fragmentary, mediated and overlooked. As such, it demands special attention if knowledge and understanding of the nature and experience of childhood in pasts is to be advanced.  

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LOCATION:  Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger

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 Bronze brooch
Bronze brooch of dear and calf. From a female grave dated to ca. 400AD
Kvassheim, Hå municipalty, Rogaland County, Norway.


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The society offers two prizes for the best student dissertations (undergraduate and master) on any aspects of childhood in the past, and welcomes submissions from any discipline.

A child`s drawing
A child's drawing of the life in the Stone Age.

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conference organiser:Dr Grete Lillehammer
Arkeologisk museum i Stavanger, Norway