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C19th Chinese plate: Randall Collection.
© Sally Crawford
C18th gravestone from Wisbech St Mary
showing two children or cherubs.
© Carenza Lewis
C19th Chinese slipper: Randall Collection.
© Sally Crawford
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Roman epitaph, C1st/C2nd CE.
Dedicated to Antonia Saturnina, a verna (home-born slave),
by her fosterer, Sempronia Epictesis
Classics Museum, Australian National University,
Canberra, Australia.
© Beryl Rawson
C19th Russian miniatures: Randall Collection.
© Sally Crawford
The Solly Monument, Worcester Cathedral, 1803,
showing Frances & her children:
Frances (aged 3), Frederick (aged 2) and Jane (aged 4 months).
© Sally Crawford
 Excavation of medieval baptistery and surrounding
infant graves at Montegelato, Italy
© Sally Crawford