Doctoral research students who are engaged in research on any aspect of childhood in the past, and those who have recently completed their research, are warmly encouraged to post details of their research on the society's web page. Please email the Student Development Officer, Dr Dawn Hadley
D.M.Hadley@Sheffield.AC.UK with the following details:  

Full name;
Institution and Department in which you are registered;
Name of your thesis advisor/supervisor;
Date when you started your research OR date when you completed your research;
Whether you are full-time or part-time;
Title of your thesis;
A summary of up to 300 words on the main aims of your thesis (if the thesis is not principally concerned with childhood, you should indicate which aspects of the thesis address childhood)
Your email address (please note that the latter will be included in your entry on the webpage so that other researchers may contact you   (please state if you do not wish this to appear)