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We are intending to launch a section of our web-site detailing recently completed and on-going graduate research into all aspects of childhood in the past. Please send details to our Student Development Officer, Dr Dawn Hadley

For recently completed dissertations (i.e. since 2000) please provide her with the title of your dissertation, the qualification it was awarded (MA/MPhil/PhD etc.), when it was completed and the institution at which you studied.

For on-going doctoral research please provide your title, the institution at which you are studying and the year when you commenced your research.  You may also, if you wish, request that your email address is listed on the web-page so that anyone interested in your work can contact you (but this is not essential). If the title of your dissertation does not make it clear which aspect of childhood your dissertation concerns, please provide a short (i.e. one sentence) explanation.

You might also like to enter our annual Student Essay Competition.

Prize winners:
The 2008 MA winner was Lily Chang with: Representations of Wartime Children: fear and morality in the second Sino-Japanese Ware, 1937-45.
The undergraduate winner for 2008 was Morgana McCabe with: Those Who Never Lived: anxiety about the eschatological fate of unbaptised infants and the practice of separate burial across the Scottish landscape from the 1660s to 1800s.

The prize for best dissertation has been awarded to Sian Pooley, for her dissertation entitled 'Children and their Families in England 1860-1905: a comparative local study'. This was submitted to Cambridge, where Sian has just commenced her PhD. Her prize will be a £50 book token, free entry to the society's annual conference and one year's free membership of the society.
The runner-up is Laura Proffitt, whose dissertation was entitled 'Two Little Boys: Images of Childhood, Family and Slavery in Euripides’ Andromache and Ion'. This was submitted to the University of Durham, and Laura is now undertaking doctoral research at Royal Holloway. She has been awarded one year's free membership of the society.

Unfortunately, there were no entries for the undergraduate prize (hence the decision to award two prizes at MA level).