EAA conference

EAA conference Current Approaches to Archaeological Juvenile Burials [Session ID: R17] Melie Le Roy and Eileen Murphy Juvenile interments are frequently discovered within a variety of funerary and domestic contexts. Each burial has its own form; the body is positioned in a particular manner and they are sometimes associated with funerary goods and the remnants […]

Registration for the 8th International Conference now open!

Registration for the 8th International Conference at DePaul University, Chicago September 11-13 2015 is now open! This year’s theme is The Ideal Child: Presentation, Representation, and Commemoration. As in previous years, the conference will include sessions and presentations that address the conference theme, as well as others that focus on aspects of recent research into […]

Welcome to the Society for the Study of the Past

The Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past is an interdisciplinary society to promote all aspects of the study of childhood in the past. Childhood in the past is a new and growing discipline, incorporating archaeology, anthropology, history, art history, sociology, psychology and many other studies. Our range is global; our chronology runs […]