Finding interactions between the old and young in past societies – SSCIP sponsored session at EAA in Vilnius

Committee members Eileen Murphy and Grete Lillehammer are currently at the European Association of Archaeologists 22nd Annual Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, chairing a  SSCIP sponsored session “Giving New Meaning to Cultural Heritage – The Old and the Young in Past Societies”.

Eileen tells me, “Since older members of society, particularly grandparents, can play such an important role in the lives of children we wanted to see if we could find evidence of such interactions in the archaeological record.”

See here for a full session description.

Below we share photos of the participants and topics from the session.
Eileen and Grete
Mother-child relations in Early Bronze Age Lower Austria. Dr. Rebay-Salisbury, Katharina (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria)
Family constructions and adult-child relationships in the ancient Greek Oikos. Sommer, Maria (Skanderborg, Denmark)
Circle of Life? Aspects of youth and old age in Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavia. PhD Mejsholm, Lotta (Uppsala, Sweden)

14233653_1757451134525774_2069482725_oProtect or perish: On the look out for the young and the old in a museum’s collections. Hoegestoel, Mari (University of Stavanger, Norway)

Grandparents in the Bronze Age? Dr. Appleby, Jo (University of Leicester, Great Britain)
14215541_1757485944522293_1021357587_oThe old and the young in the Icelandic early Christian household cemetery. Zoega, Gudny (Skagafjordur Heritage Museum, Iceland)
Interpreting multiple interments in Irish Medieval burial grounds. Dr. Murphy, Eileen (Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland)
Infants and elders: A bioarchaeological investigation of a Reform Church in Hungarian Transylvania. Dr. Bethard, Jonathan (Boston University, USA).
– And the following paper without photos for technical reasons!

The white-haired and the feeding bottle: Exploring children-elderly interactions in the Late Bronze Age Aegean. Dr. Gallou, Chrysanthi (The University of Nottingham, Great Britain)