SSCIP Annual Conference – University of Alcalá, Spain 2022 – Abstract Submission now open

The University of Alcalá is delighted to invite you to the 14th Annual Conference for the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past (SSCIP), hosted by Dr. Daniel Justel Vicente.

This meeting will take place from November 8th to November 10th 2022, in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain), and the main theme will be “Valuing Children: Past and Present”.

“It is evident that children were active participants in past societies, with the extent to which they were valued within various spheres (social, economic, religious, etc.), fluctuating over time and space. Archaeology, epigraphic texts, mythology, contracts, laws, and other sources of evidence shed light on the importance that ancient communities placed on children and their lives. This can allow us valuable insight into shifting dynamics in gender equality of children in past communities over time, perception of children with disabilities, and generally to ask how did people in the past value the younger generation living within their communities?

We can also reflect on how modern-day societies perceive the value of children and childhood in the past and question our prevailing assumptions regarding their treatment and agency within the communities in which they lived, and whether those are accurate representations. The 14th Annual SSCIP Conference will address these core questions regarding valuing ancient children by integrating broad interdisciplinary, chronological, geographical, and cultural perspectives.”

All the information regarding the Conference will be posted on the official SSCIP 2022 website

Due to the foreseeable restrictions caused by COVID-19, the 14th Annual SSCIP Conference will be held in a hybrid format, combining papers presented online and in person in Alcalá de Henares. All online talks will be screened synchronously in the conference room. All on-site presentations will be streamed via conference technology for registered participants online.

Abstract submission is now open for podium and poster presentations, and the deadline for submission of papers is July 15th 2022. Please see the SSCIP 2022 website abstract submission page for further details.